What is Pregnant Campus Housing

Pregnant campus housing refers to housing that is specifically designed for college students who are pregnant. Pregnant campus housing is intended to give pregnant students the support they need to finish school successfully while pregnant.

If you are pregnant and still in college, it’s important to know that you can finish school, achieve your goals, and parent successfully—and pregnant campus housing can help.

At MiraVia, we have a  College Residence program, which is a form of pregnant campus housing. Read on to learn more about MiraVia’s College Residence program. Or, if you’re looking to talk to someone about your pregnancy and looking for free, supportive resources, contact MiraVia today to schedule a confidential appointment.

How Does MiraVia’s College Residence Program Work?

MiraVia’s College Residence program exists to support women who are pregnant and still in college. If you are pregnant and in college (no matter what college), you may be eligible to stay in the College Residence program.

The College Residence program gives you a safe, supportive space to live while you attend college, study, and pursue your personal goals. The College Residence provides long-term support (during pregnancy and beyond) and offers:

  • Private suite
  • Meals
  • Childcare
  • Material assistance (diapers, baby clothing and supplies, nursery furniture, etc.)
  • Life-skills classes
  • Personalized guidance to gain assistance through additional community resources
  • Help in coordinating education and career opportunities
  • Peer support from other student moms

Is MiraVia’s College Residence Program Right for Me?

If you are pregnant and in college and need a safe, supportive place to live to ensure you can finish school and parent successfully, MiraVia’s College Residence program may be right for you.

To talk about your options and learn more about our College Residence program and other free, supportive pregnancy resources, contact us today. You’re not in this alone. We’re here for you.

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