A Safe Place For You

With an unplanned pregnancy, it can difficult to navigate and know who to trust. You may feel pressure from those around you and have lots of questions. You are not alone.

Learning that you’re pregnant while in school can be very overwhelming. Maybe you’re wondering how you will juggle it all and who will help you. While being in school and facing pregnancy can be a challenge, it’s not impossible with the right support and resources.

If you’re considering parenting while in college, we can help you make an empowered decision for your future and offer you the long-term support you need. We will not pressure you into making any decision but offer you valuable information about parenting and the support that may be available to you.

College Residential Housing

We offer comprehensive care for mothers and children. Expectant and eligible students from any college or university are welcome to stay at our residential facility up until their child turns two years old while they pursue their academic and personal goals.

Our loving, supportive team is here to help you as you multitask all the things of college and pregnancy. MiraVia is a place where you can live and learn with each other.

Material Support

Pregnancy and parenting take tangible resources to do the journey well and feel like you’re equipped. Outside of our college residence, we offer free material support and parenting resources for those facing unexpected pregnancies.

Our clients receive meaningful, free support through a wide-range of services. Some of offer material support include baby supplies, nursery furniture, and more.

Talk to us today to learn about what type of material support is available and to find support during your pregnancy! We are happy to be a resource to you. You can do this.