Need Extra Support?

Life throws all of us curveballs, but you are not alone. Life circumstances may not be suitable for you to support yourself and a child right now while continuing college. We can help by offering the housing, resources, and material support you need to do this journey well.

Live & Learn Together

We’ve created a place for expectant students to come and feel supported, loved, and empowered to be all that they can be while going through this drastic life change. Though pregnancy and parenting come with their challenges, you may be surprised at how well you do through it all. Motherhood is more natural and beautiful than you could imagine.

MiraVia’s state-of-the-art College Residence is a place where pregnant college students can live and learn with each other. Expectant students from any college or university are welcome to stay at our residential facility up until their child turns two years old while they pursue their academic and personal goals.

Conveniently Located

We know location is important when staying at our college residence! Conveniently located at the beautiful campus of Belmont Abbey College, we are found at exit 26 off I-85 and just minutes away from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and many other area schools.

Our unique residential program is designed specifically for pregnant college students. While they are residents here, they can be enrolled in any local college or university in the surrounding area. Each resident has her own private suite, and we strive to create an environment that is positive and empowering.

A Supportive Environment

We want to create a peaceful, loving, and safe place for you to come home after school or work and feel at ease. MiraVia provides a supportive environment with all the amenities of campus life so that pregnant students can continue their higher education and their pregnancy.

Talk to our caring staff today to learn more!